1 April 2023 to 28 February 2025

An AI platform for the cultural heritage data space

The project aims to develop the AI4Culture platform, an online capacity building hub for the application of artificial intelligence technologies in the cultural heritage sector.

The platform will offer access to a pool of AI-related resources (such as openly labelled datasets for training and testing AI models), a set of deployable and reusable tools and capacity building materials.

Additionally, the project will customise the platform’s components so that they can be reused by cultural heritage institutions in the following scenarios:

  1. multilingual text recognition in scanned documents;
  2. multilingual subtitles generation and validation;
  3. enrichment with information extracted from images and semantic linking;
  4.  machine translation for cultural heritage metadata.

All components will be interoperable with the common European data space for cultural heritage to facilitate data sharing and reusability of cultural content as well as strengthen the connection between the data space and cultural heritage institutions. 

The project is funded under Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) of the European Union.