The Machine Translation group at Fondazione Bruno Kessler specializes in speech and text technologies for multilingual communication. We work on innovative neural architectures and multimodal resources for a range of topics and applications (e.g. subtitling, interpreting, gender inclusivity). We are part of the Digital Industry center.

If you are fascinated by languages, cutting edge technology and research challenges, check out our Join Us page!

Interested in speech translation evaluation?

Check out our LREC-COLING paper where we dive into the details, and release human assessments for @iwslt ST models!
Data on HuggingFace🤗

🧑‍🏫: Thurs 9:00-10:40 in Poster Area II

🐾🐾 How do hyenas deal with human speech?

Discover how Hyena can be adapted to understand speech and how well it can transcribe and translate its content!

Visit our poster! The poster session @LrecColing is live now, Area 1!

#LRECCOLING2024 #speech

🐾 Do you wanna see a Hyena in action? 🐾

🥁 Tomorrow @mgaido91 will present the paper "How do Hyenas deal with Human Speech? Speech Recognition and Translation with ConfHyena" at @LrecColing!

⏲️ Poster session 1: 11:00-12:40

🦴 See you there!


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