The Machine Translation group at Fondazione Bruno Kessler specializes in speech and text technologies for multilingual communication. We work on innovative neural architectures and multimodal resources for a range of topics and applications (e.g. subtitling, interpreting, gender inclusivity). We are part of the Digital Industry center.

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The preprint of our @fbk_mt paper "A Prompt Response to the Demand for Automatic Gender-Neutral Translation" is out! Joint work with @apierg, @DennisFucci, @negri_teo, @luisabentivogli

To be presented at #EACL2024

Our pick of the week by @BeatriceSavoldi: "Measuring machine learning harms from stereotypes: requires understanding who is being harmed by which errors in what ways" by @ang3linawang, @baixuechunzi, @s010n, and @sulin_blodgett, 2024.

#pickoftheweek #harms #stereotypes #ML

🔥 Our MT Unit from @FBK_research has 3 PAPERS ACCEPTED at LREC-COLING 2024!

👉 Check the website for more information:

The preprint is now available on Arxiv:
And the code is available #opensource at:

See you at #LRECCOLING2024

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