The Machine Translation unit, part of the Digital Industry center at Fondazione Bruno Kessler, focuses on machine translation technology that supports both human translators and multilingual communication applications.

The unit’s core activities include the creation of innovative neural architectures and the development of methods to adapt them to different contexts, domains and application scenarios (e.g. subtitling, dubbing, and interpreting). The unit has also an active strand of research on the analysis and mitigation of gender bias in automatic translation.

If you are fascinated by languages, machine learning, and compute-intensive processing of large linguistic corpora, you are very welcome to check out our Join Us page!

‼️ *Paper, code, models, and outputs out* for one of our last papers "AlignAtt" about Simultaneous Speech Translation recently published at #Interspeech2023!

📍Official Paper:
📍Repo (code, etc.):

#NLProc #NLP #speech #translation

Our pick of the week by @apierg: "Prompt-Driven Neural Machine Translation" by Li et al., Findings ACL 2022.

#machine #translation #MT #NLP #NLProc #ACL #computational #linguistics #prompt

The call for diversity and inclusion (D&I) subsidies for #EMNLP2023 is online!
EMNLP 2023 is providing D&I funds for registration, caregiving, bandwidth, travel and VPN subsidies.

Deadline: October 20, 2023 11:59pm (Anywhere on Earth)


One of the very first multilingual and multimodal model to obtain performance competitive with dedicated models, maybe the first of many? Anyway, a very interesting read:

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