The Machine Translation group at Fondazione Bruno Kessler specializes in speech and text technologies for multilingual communication. We work on innovative neural architectures and multimodal resources for a range of topics and applications (e.g. subtitling, interpreting, gender inclusivity). We are part of the Digital Industry center.

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I am super happy to share that I co-authored 4 papers accepted at the #ACL2024NLP main conference!

2 preprints already available about:
-software quality in NLP:
- speech translation:

Other preprints and more details coming soon!

The day started with fantastic news: our 4 long papers have been accepted at the #ACL2024NLP main conference! And we have just released #opensource two new repos:
- for unit testing your architectures
- to evaluate SRT quality

Bandi a cascata FAIR: aperta la call dello Spoke 2 (@FBK_research @Unitrento) per progetti su #intelligenzaartificiale da #PMI, #aziende e #startup.

📅Scadenza 6 giugno 2024
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#PNRR #IA #AI #bandi #innovazione

Our pick of the week by @DennisFucci: "Encoding of lexical tone in self-supervised models of spoken language" by @linguisticshen, @Phonologician
@afraalishahi, @AriannaBisazza, and @gchrupala, NAACL 2024.

#Speech #SpokenLanguageModels #ToneEncoding #Interpretability #Phonology

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