🥁 The @iwslt 2024 Evaluation period is underway!
The test sets (spanning TED talks, physical training videos, and TV series) are available for the Automatic Subtitling task!

👉 Details and submission guidelines here:

#IWSLT2024 #Subtitling #AI #NLP 🎬📝

⌛️ The evaluation period of the @iwslt 2024 Shared Tasks is about to start!

For the Subtitling task, the Automatic Subtitling test set will be released first followed by the test set for the new Subtitle Compression task!

👉 Check the website for info:

Our pick of the week by @sarapapi: "Pushing the Limits of Zero-shot End-to-End Speech Translation" by @JohnTsiamas, @ge_gallego, @costajussamarta, et al, 2024.

#pickoftheweek #NLP #NLProc #zeroshot #speech #speechtranslation #ST #direct

Today, during the Europeana Aggregator Forum, @mrendina from @eurfashion gave the audience a sneak peek at the AI4Culture platform. A treat for the lucky ones there - and soon the platform will be launched and available to everyone. Stay tuned!
@Europeanaeu #EAF

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