We offer opportunities for carrying out small or medium size projects in the field of neural machine translation.

The following tasks can be part of a bachelor/master internship or thesis:

  • analysis and implementation of new approaches in machine translation with deep learning techniques
  • development of demonstration systems
  • testing of algorithms, including experimental setup and data preparation
  • running experiments on large-scale tasks
  • use of a computer grid and GPUs

The candidates are expected to have:

  • good programming skills: Python, C/C++, scripting languages
  • good expertise in the linux/unix environment
  • interest in carrying out experimental research
  • above of average marks in calculus and statistics

Descriptions of available projects will be shown on appointment.

To apply for a bachelor/master thesis or stage, please contact:

Matteo Negri
email: negri[AT]fbk.eu

(Please put the string “MT [bachelor|master] [thesis|internship] application” in the subject of your e-mail)

Photo by Unseen Studio on Unsplash
Photo by Unseen Studio on Unsplash